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Dr Simone Matousek manages a boutique practice in the grounds of St Luke’s Private Hospital, Sydney offering a full range of non-surgical, surgical cosmetic and reconstructive surgery techniques. Personalised service, natural results with attention to detail and follow up.

Phone (02) 9332 3088 or email info@drsimonematousek.com for an appointment.

Dr Simone Matousek FRACS (Plast), MBBS (Hons), PhD

Potts Point Plastic Surgery Dr Simone MatousekDr Simone Matousek is a fully qualified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon. Following her training through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Dr Matousek completed two further fellowships, one in breast surgery, (Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons/Allergan Breast Fellowship) and the other in facial aesthetic surgery (Mentor International Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, London). She is one of a few plastic surgeons who has completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree focusing on the fascial system and ligamentous anatomy of the breast.

Dr Simone Matousek ASPS memberDr Simone Matousek ASAPS member




Dr Simone Matousek Plastic surgeon

Dr Simone Matousek Plastic Surgeon


The latest in surgical and non-surgical techniques for face and body rejuvenation

Call (02) 9332 3088 and speak to one of our friendly practice managers.

Details of our services

The only qualification that is required to call oneself a cosmetic surgeon in Australia is to have a medical degree and valid medical registration. There is no specialist training required as a prerequisite to use the title “cosmetic surgeon”. This industry is largely unregulated which is why even a general practitioner is able to perform such procedures.

Any larger procedure is done at one of the private hospitals where Dr Matousek is accredited with the help of an anaesthetist under either General Anaesthesia or Local anaesthesia with or without sedation.

No matter what your area of concern, you will be presented with an honest assessment if the decision to have surgery is the correct one for you, and also of the risks and recovery time involved.

If a patient would like removal of a small skin lump or mole, it can be done on the same day as the consultation under local anaesthesia in Dr Simone Matousek’s fully equipped procedure room.

Dr Simone Matousek works with a select group of anaesthetists who ensure you are well looked after, that your operative experience is safe, and that any post-operative pain is carefully managed.

Many people have been put off having injectables due to the strange appearances of certain individuals photographed in the media. Excessive use of fillers can lead to “pillow face” or “trout pout” whist over-injection of muscle relaxing agents can lead to a mask-like face or “bat brow”. This is avoidable if only small amounts of product are used and titrated to the individual’s needs.

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