Practice Philosophy

The rooms are located in the grounds of St Luke’s Hospital, Potts Point.

Dr Matousek believes in providing a comprehensive service, with a range of treatments available, which are tailored to the individual to achieve natural results.

All procedures (including non-surgical treatments such as injectables) are performed exclusively by Dr Matousek.

Her practice philosophy is to leave patients looking refreshed and rejuvenated, not radically different. The aim of treatment is to provide subtle enhancement of a person’s features or to restore anatomy that has changed due to the processes of ageing or disease.

Dr Matousek is an honest and caring professional who believes in attention to detail in every aspect of  your care, from consultation through to your procedure to follow-up. You will be given an honest opinion of what to expect with any kind of treatment and if it is the right decision for you.

The practice is set up to be small, welcoming and  to provide a the highest standard of care without any high pressure sales tactics. You will be given plenty of time to consider your options and ensure you are entirely comfortable with going ahead with any sort of treatment.

The practice logo of the nautilus shell is meant to symbolise the concept of Phi or the Golden ratio and the mathematical concepts of beauty and divine proportions. It has been shown that in nature, architecture and human faces, certain proportions are considered to be attractive and it is possible to actually measure and accurately define this ratio in areas of the face. Research has shown humans are programmed to respond and perceive objects or people with divine proportions as beautiful. This is useful for performing all aspects of aesthetic surgery as it involves precise measurement, combined with a degree of artistry. The nautilus shell is a well known example in nature of Phi proportions which occur in its spiral shape.

For more information on this interesting concept, click on the link Facial divine proportions

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