Minor procedures

Potts Point Plastic SurgeryIf a patient would like removal of a small skin lump or mole,  it can be done on the same day as the consultation under local anaesthesia in Dr Simone Matousek’s fully equipped procedure room.

However, if they wish to return at a later stage for the minor procedure as it is not convenient, there is no extra charge.

It is important to tell our practice manager at the time of booking your appointment if you think you would like removal on the same day.


The consult fee is $150 with a rebate of $72 from Medicare, and a procedure room fee of $75 also applies if you go ahead with the procedure.

A second fee (which covers the actual surgery) will be payable upon your follow up appointment which is usually scheduled one week after your surgery.  This fee is variable depending on the type and size of the lump, and based on your pathology results (examination of your lump under a microscope to find out what it is).

Please expect the total out of pocket cost to be around $350-$400 for consultation, excision and all follow-up of one small lesion. Medicare rebates vary greatly depending on the pathology of your lesion.

The fees charged by this practice for surgical procedures are based on those recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in their list of medical services and fees and reflect the costs incurred in running a medical practice. The majority of health funds (and Medicare) do not reimburse the full amount of this fee.

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