Skin lesion and skin cancer treatment

Your consultation

Dr Simone has extensive experience in managing benign skin lesions as well as treating all types of skin cancers. You will be seen for a consultation to assess your skin lesion(s) and discuss surgical options.

If it is small and you are fine with having only a local anaesthetic, it can be done in the rooms (this can be requested on the same day as the consultation or another day).

If it is larger it may need more complex treatments like a flap or graft, which are better done in an operating theatre. If it is in an area with not much skin available for closure, you may need “frozen sections” where a pathologist will analyse your tissues in small pieces and only take what is necessary for treatment of your problem, giving you the best cosmetic result.

Your surgery

If you have private health insurance you will be no gapped for your surgery if you are having a skin lesion treated as an inpatient in hospital.  This means the surgeon and anaesthetist bill your health fund directly so there are no out of pocket costs (apart from your hospital excess if you have one).

If you elect to have the surgery done in the rooms, the cost for removal of one skin lesion is around $400. There are Medicare rebates with rooms procedures, however, private health fund rebates only apply if it is done in the private hospital.

Your follow up 

All immediate follow up for post-surgery management is included free of charge. You will be seen at around one week for removal of stitches, dressings or anything that is required. At this time, you will receive the pathology results, which check what type of skin lesion was removed.

A further appointment is usually made to assess how your scar is progressing and if this needs any further attention.





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